Apr 28, 2017

The Ghosts of Neskowin

Neskowin - Ghost Forest. Beneath the beaches along the Oregon Coast are remnants of giant stumps. The Native Americans who lived here passed down stories of a giant wave that took out entire forests of Sitka, cedar, fir. Literally broke them off at various heights and the salt water and sand preserved them. They reveal themselves during very low tides and I was lucky enough to be there during a dawn when the ghosts of Neskowin told me a story. Modern technology has verified that what the Native Americans said. In the 1700's a tsunami hit this coast!

40x60" Metal Print of the Ghosts of Neskowin

Oct 25, 2016

Autumn at the Lake

Crow's Nest was commisioned to take an environmental portrait of a lakefront house. On the way I came across a sunset that took my breath away!

October 2016 Sunset from West Lake Drive, Christina Lake, BC

Oct 15, 2016

Grand Forks Credit Union hired Crow's Nest for their 2016 AGM Directors Portrait

2016 Board of Directors for the GFCU
Looking forward to more work together!

Kristina was patient (we were caught up in meetings, much later than planned) and professional with us, and did a great job managing a group of us for a portrait. She delivered a great images of our team, and promptly!